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Freee!!!!!!! Free at Last!!!!!!!

Well, it's certainly been an eventful week and a bit. My '3 - 5 day' hospital visit turned into an 11 day marathon, and included such delights as: having the op, sitting around with various drains and tubes hanging out of me for ages, a plethora of x-rays, comedy morphine/codeine induced sickness, the tea fairy, full body CT scans, lots of visits from all my wonderful friends and family, a mountain of snacky goodness provided by said friends/family, a bone marrow biopsy (by far and away the most unpleasant medical procedure I have EVER had to endure, ask me about it sometime if you're not feeling too squeemish), finding out what was wrong with me, and finally escaping the hosptial yesterday afternoon (much thanks to dreadtemujin and theheatherfreak for whisking me home to safety).

Righty, and for those that haven't been told already:

It turns out I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is a relatively rare, but treatable type of Lymphatic Cancer. To be honest I was expecting much, much worse, so apart from obviously not having anything wrong with me, it's better than I was hoping for. I'll be finding out what stage the disease is at and what my treatment regime will be next week, and I'll let people know. Regardless, it'll be chemo, which means I'm gonna lose all me hair. Rather than find it lying round the house in a disturbing stylee, I'm going to cut it off for charity a week on saturday. If anyone wants to sponsor me, I'll be setting up an online donation page over the weekend for people to use. I may also make something of an event of the occasion, will post details soon :P

Now that I've been diagnosed, everything seems to be moving very quickly, have various appointments next week for clinics and stuff, and then my treatment starts the following week on monday or tuesday. I'll be keeping people updated, would peeps rather I:
- set up a separate journal for cancer based ramblings
- set up a special friends group for those that are interested
- or just bore you all on here

And I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that visited, sent good wishes via LJ, sacrificed voodoo chickens etc. You guys are the bestest, I love y'all to bits.......
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