July 19th, 2012



The second wave of team Monkey have made it to Tokyo in one piece! Our flights were pretty stress free, and the plane was a newer one with tons of legroom! Only downer was the small screechy child that wouldn't shut up. Andy got the worst of it though as he was sat pretty much directly behind her.

We arrived at the same time as a ton of other flights, which meant immigration was pretty hellish. On the plus side, we hadn't even cleared passport control before someone asked if we were in a band, a new record for us! Cleared customs sans trouble and after another lengthy queue, we procured round trip tickets to Shinjuku and Suica cards (Japanese version of the Oyster card).

The trip to the hotel was interesting! Found it eventually though, and as expected, its a nice, but small business hotel. The sister hotel we stay at normally is way nicer, but as it was almost twice as expensive this time, we went for the cheaper option!

Wondered round Shinjuku for a bit and then checked in and slept for a few hours. Once that was out of the way we headed out to Lumine Est and had super tasty fried rice and Gyoza, followed by the happiest ice cream in the world from the Stone Cold Creamery, where the staff sing you a super happy song as they make your delicious ice cream :)

Topped the day off with a wonder round the neon lit streets, and a trip to the arcades to play some games! Back at the hotel now, about to crash out before we start our "proper" sightseeing tomorrow :) Only four days till Fuji! Its super hot here at the moment, and wicked humid. I was right to avoid this time of year on previous trips :P

I've uploaded some photos here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151109559864808.498068.566604807&type=3&l=1ee98fff88 more to come in the following days on the same URL!
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