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Uncle Travelling Tim

This year I've been something of the traveller. Not quite to the levels of some of my touring friends, but no slouch either. Part of it has been that I had family weddings to attend and conferences, but mostly I just like to travel! This year I've gone a bit mental, because I figure I should celebrate. It's not every year that you get the all clear from Cancer, so I wanted to make this year special.

I always said that if I got my all clear (and back when I said this, my chances were looking pretty grim, at least on paper), that'd I'd do some kind of awesome challenge, to raise money for the charity that helped me the most, the Lymphoma Association. Well that time has come, and after a lot of thought I decided to climb Mount Fuji! Ever since my first trip to Japan back in 2005 with Orange, Jen and Julie I was fascinated by Fuji. I remember going past it on a train and thinking to myself "how awesome would it be to stand on top of that bad boy and look out at the view?". Sadly, I could never persuade my chums to climb it on subsequent trips.

This time however, I managed to persuade not only Jen, but Lisa, Rich and Jo from MNS and Andy from Sheffield to join me in a crazy adventure to climb the volcano. It's less than three weeks away and I'm quite nervous. Since the back end of last year, I've started to get serious about getting fit again, and I've managed to trim up a fair bit since then. I'm still not sure how well I'll do with the altitude and exertion, but I'll never know unless I try!

We'll be getting the bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko 5th Station, and from there hiking through the night to get to the summit in time for sunrise, before hiking all of the way back down again and returning to our hotel and collapsing in heaps and sleeping!

If you'd like to sponsor us on our epic endeavour, please visit our sponsorship page: here. Rich and Jo also have a separate page, as Rich's employer will match anything he raises, so please sponsor them too if you can! You can sponsor Rich and Jo here.
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