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Fuji Adventure - Part 1

So, one week today we fly out to Tokyo to begin our trip to climb Mount Fuji to raise money for the Lymphoma Association (incidentally, you should totally sponsor us, if you haven't already:

In fact today, the first wave of Team Monkey, Rich and Jo are flying their way out, as they're visiting friends first, before meeting up with the rest of us next week. Safe travels guys, see you soon!

I think I'm all prepped and ready. We've done lots of long training hikes, including a stab at the Yorkshire three peaks last weekend, which had to be abandoned after two peaks due to poor Jo's shoes literally disintegrating off of her feet (good job that happened BEFORE we started up the mountain, that would have been horrible)! I've read up on it as much as I can and worked out what kit I'm taking up the mountain. Fingers crossed we'll make it to the top in one piece :P

This weekend I'll be doing the majority of the packing I think, so that I'm ready and prepared for next week. Can't wait!
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