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Days 2/3

Busy, busy busy! Had an awesome couple of days so far. Yesterday we went to go to the Palace Gardens, only to discover that they were shut on Mondays and Fridays (open 7 days a week mr guidebook? I think not!!!). So we walked up to Ginza, stopped for coffee and cake at a brilliant pirate cat themed coffee house (its called R25 if you're ever in the neighbourhood, and it's ace). Then we looked at some of the tech coolness at the Sony building, as well as the awesome little aquarium they have set up outside at the moment.

After that we wondered up to Hanuhankan toy store for a bit, then got the tube over to Shibuya, where we wondered round all sorts of cool places. Found the Resident Evil themed cafe, but sadly it was shut, so didn't get to go in! We also found a shop with light up stairs that had a shoe conveyor inside, and Andy and I discovered that we are too wide shouldered to ever fit into awesome Japanese fashion clothes, which made us very sad. Topped the day off with tasty Sushi at our favourite revolving Sushi place, followed by Tour de France and boozes at a nearby bar.

Today we went over to Yokohama, saw flying fish, went up the big tower and saw some pretty good views considering the weather, and then walked down through the park, and then back up through Chinatown, where we saw many crazy things and ate some very tasty mini steamed buns. There was a big dance festival on, so we watched a lot of that as well, which was a very interesting experience. Most of the teams had at least one flag waver, and the one team (who we liked best) had what can only be described as Epic Flag Guy. Think Epic Sax Guy from Lost Boys, only Japanese, and with a giant flag. He was ACE. Mind you, the team, on afterwards had a guy who had EPIC VOICE. He was amazingly animated and shouty. We liked him too, although not quite as much as Epic Flag Guy.

Some photos from yesterday are up on the same gallery as yesterday, with today's ones to follow later on tonight after we've been out to Roppongi. The plan is to have food, and then hit up a punk rock train bar for a few drinks before heading back (possibly via the arcades).

Its only a day now until we head out to Fuji, which is quite nerve wracking! I'm a bit apprehensive, but also very excited! I can't wait :)
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