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Yesterday we had a fairly manic day in the end! got up early and went to Yoyogi park, and checked out the people out doing their weekend activities. We saw a blind runners club, people slacklining, a guy practising tap dancing, a guy playing the Ukulele, people doing dance practice, kids doing sports, a hiking club learning to use poles and a guy dancing the funky robot while his mate filmed it. Its so cool that people actually use the park to DO stuff. I couldn't see people doing that kind of stuff back home, which is kind of sad.

Next we wondered round an insaneley busy Harajuku (even by Harajuku standards). It was heaving! And after a while the continuous loud screeching of the women outside the shops trying to get you to come in wore us down and we went to Kiddyland, which was even busier! Although we did see Hello Kitty doing a press conference dressed as a strawberry doing a press conference, so it wasn't a total washout :P

Next it was off to Akihabara to check out the nerd stuff, which was really good fun. Bought a few toys and model kits, then went for an enormous tea. While Andy and I were geeking it up, everyone else was checking out the massage chairs and foot massagers at Yodobasi Camera. Met up for a HUGE tea, and then some of us hit the Arcades back in Shinjuku.

It's now Monday morning!!! Which of course means it's time for the climb. Just get up and dressed, then it's off to collect the bus tickets, and then a lazy morning procuring water and snacks, followed by a huge lunch. Then a short power nap, before we head to the bus station and off to Fuji!!! I'm excited, and a bit nervous. This is going to be quite the challenge. In 24 hours, we'll be on our way back down the mountain! Hopefully catch you on the other side :)
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